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New Site Coming Soon! “How To Stop A Bad Habit”

Welcome to my soon-to-be old website. Today is January 6th and my new site,, is coming soon. If you’d like an email when it’s up, just let me know at

Also, I do Accountability Coaching one-on-one with clients in person and online for “How To Stop A Bad Habit.” My new book with that title will be available soon, too. There’s more information about that below.

For those of you here because of Liz Sumner’s podcast about my experience with Tinder, I do Accountability Coaching for that, too. :-)

I personally used all the neuroscience-based techniques you can find on this FocusCatalyst site (and in my first book, "Focus.The Catalyst for Innovation") to permanently stop one bad habit after another--—up to and including making it Easy, Effortless & Fun to lose 90 lbs and keep them off.

Those techniques also helped me have a great experience on Tinder!

If you’re interested in those techniques, you can find some of them on this site. And more are in my first book, which is available on Amazon.

I love freeing women from trying to stop bad habits using Conventional Wisdom techniques, including Motivation, Willpower and Morality (the latter being about trying to be “Good," not “Bad.”).

The problem is, using Motivation, Willpower and Morality to stop a bad habit doesn’t work for a lot of us. They don’t for me.

When I discovered recent research about how the brain works and devised techniques for stopping bad habits based on them, I was finally able to permanently stop one bad habit after another—up to and including making it Easy, Effortless & Fun to lose 90 lbs and keep them off.

I do one-on-one Accountability Coaching based on my Easy, Effortless & Fun neuroscience-based techniques. Availability, though, is very limited. Openings are currently closed.

If you would like to know when my one-on-one Accountability Coaching is available again, please email me at and you’ll be on the list to be notified when that is.

Thank you!


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