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Business Storms and Brainstorming

Eye Of StormBrainstorming.

We all know the drill. The rules for it have been around for decades: Go for quantity, not quality. Postpone judgment. Build on the ideas of others. Every person and idea has equal worth. Etc.

But few are brainstorming new ways to brainstorm.

And given the storms roiling businesses today, maybe it’s about time we added some new brainstorming techniques to our repertoire.

The graphic above represents “the eye of the storm.” And isn’t that what we need in business today? Some calm place in the center of the turmoil we face every day in business.

What if there were new ways to brainstorm—and innovate—that create and use the power of that “eye of the storm” calm?

The new functional MRI and other neuroscience research being done today is confirming what we’ve known for a long time about the innovation process: First you focus on your problem. Then you walk away from it for awhile. Then later, when you are relaxed, say in the shower or on a walk or drive, an “aha!” insight pops into your head “out of the blue.”

A study by researchers at the University of London were able to identify when a subject is about to get the “aha!” answer to an insight problem. That’s because their brain goes into Alpha waves up to 8 seconds before that “aha!” Alpha waves = focused, alert, relaxation.

But how in the world can we relax in today’s stormy business environment?

Well, I faced that in my business, too, so I created techniques for innovating in the midst of business storms.

And when I say “innovating” I don’t just mean coming up with new breakthrough products or services. Innovation is valuable in all aspects of business. We can even discover innovative ways to do our mundane daily tasks in more effective ways.

Each of the techniques on this site applies what we now know about how the brain works. And all the techniques can induce two things:

Calm and insight.

And all the FocusCatalyst techniques coming soon on this site work automatically. That is, just do the simple steps and you’ll get results. Easily. Without a lot of work, struggle, hassle—or time.

That’s because all the FocusCatalyst techniques are based on how the brain works. Just do a technique. Get results. Try one and see.

The process is similar to what happens when you discover a new car. Once you’re aware of it, you start to see those cars everywhere. Seeing them is easy and it’s not magic. It’s just the way your brain works. The same is true with the FocusCatalysts on this site.

One caveat though: FocusCatalysts work best when you have fun with them.

So I hope you’ll enjoy the FocusCatalyst techniques on this site  and…have fun!