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My TEDx Talk: The Milky Way Brain


I was invited to speak at  TEDX Livermore on June 8, 2013.  The theme for this TEDx was CREATING OUR FUTURE: INNOVATE + EDUCATE.

I spoke on “The Milky Way Brain”  (or “How To Get More Aha! Insights”)–and had the audience of 350+  write on 3×5 cards as part of the FocusCatalyst process I took them through.  That way they could experience their own business solution aha’s right then and there.

Below are some of the other folks who spoke at TEDx Livermore.  It was great to be on the same bill with Chuck House, who I’ve known for several years from when he was Director of Stanford’s MediaX.

Espen Siversten, COO of Type A Machines, a San Francisco-based startup that manufactures desktop 3D printers. He is also co-founder of – the first retailer in Denmark to focus on the Arduino prototyping platform. Espen brings 3D printing and entrepreneurship together in a learning-by-doing and just-in-time development environment.

Chuck House Executive Director of InnovaScapes Institute is the author of The HP Phenomenon: Innovation and Business Transformation. Chuck has held many leadership positions across the innovation-education spectrum, including Chancellor of Cogswell College; Director of Media X at Stanford University; Senior Research Scholar at Stanford Human Sciences and Technologies Advanced Research Institute (HSTAR). His executive management experience includes leadership roles at Dialogic, Spectron Microsystems, Veritas and Informix.  I’ve known Chuck for many years since he was Director of Media X at Stanford. 

Shelly Xie is an artist with a B.S. with Honors in Biology and a minor in Creative Writing at Stanford. She did a great project for Stanford’s Senior Reflection program, a new initiative that allows students to pursue an in-depth creative project that combines science and the arts. Shelly’s creative work, sand animation, told the story and life cycle of the debilitating schistosomiasis (a parasite common in natural water sources) infection in Ghana

Ro Khanna served two years as Deputy Assistant Secretary at the Department of Commerce with the Obama Administration. Ro took what he learned about the innovations needed to keep America’s strong manufacturing engine running to write the just-published Entrepreneurial Nation. He currently specializes in advising high-tech companies as part of the Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati Law Firm. Ro is on the board of a number of local nonprofits and teaches as a visiting lecturer in the Department of Economics at Stanford.