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I’m in The Atlantic on 12/14/18!

I was interviewed for 30 minutes by Amanda Mull of The Atlantic this week. (I’ll be posting the full interview’s audio and transcript here soon.)

The 12/14/18 article, “Why People Wait 10 Days to Do Something That Takes 10 Minutes. Chores are the worst,” is one of the most popular articles on The Atlantic’s site for the week.

Here’s the paragraph about moi… (Emphasis mine.)

“If a problem can be understood, maybe it can be fixed. Betsy Burroughs, a Silicon Valley branding executive turned neuroscience researcher, used to have a hard time keeping her home tidy. “It was just a disaster all the time,” she says. “But then I noticed that if I was having people over, not only would I clean the place up, but I’d actually enjoy cleaning it.” Her solution was to start a monthly conversation salon at her San Francisco loft, which ran for more than 12 years. Starting your own event series might be a little extreme for most people, but the idea of recognizing what you dislike and recontextualizing it as an element of something positive can be applied to most housework.”

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