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Focus: The Catalyst for Innovation

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Foreword by Michela O’Connor Abrams, President, Dwell Media LLC

There is never enough time to step back from your business and examine your goals, test your vision, fine tune your mission or uncover new opportunities…but that is what it takes to innovate.

As someone who loves creating new products, platforms, services and pretty much everything else the Dwell brand allows, I found a path to success through Guided Brainstorming with Betsy Burroughs.

It all seemed far too simple and yet the magic was in the simplicity. Unlocking intuition and creating those “aha!” moments is what it’s all about.

Now I find myself using her methods as a matter of practice when creating anything new. I rarely get bogged down with a problem for long and since time is my most precious resource, her techniques are my best friends.

Fast, easy and they work. There are no other innovation tools I could recommend more than these FocusCatalyst Guided Brainstorming techniques.



“This book has great tools for moving from the fear of problem solving to the fun of it.  Try them, but be forewarned , you and your organization will change!”

–Sara Barnes, Trustee and former Board of Trustees Chair, The Marin Community Foundation, which, at $1.25B in assets, is the 7th largest community foundation in the U.S.


“There are two books in my life that have really helped me get out of my own way during the creative process. One is The Universal Traveler, which I read in college. The other is this book.”

–Bill Johnston, Head of Global Community, Dell


“These positive, practical, and proven approaches can help resolve any innovation impasse.”

Ann Mincey, Vice President Global Communications, REDKEN 5th AvenueNYC  



“Betsy Burroughs has a unique way of unlocking fresh insights with her Focus Catalyst approach. It’s NOT the same old brainstorming approach at all. She applies the latest findings in neuroscience to create exercises that really help you innovate. You can also watch her TEDx talk online, which will definitely make you want the book!

–Jennie Wong, Ph.D., CEO, ABoC (shopping quizzes for ecommerce)