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I work best with groups and individuals open to the idea that innovation can, in fact, be “easy, effortless and fun” if they actively look for it to be that way.

Clients have worked with me to enhance their ability to innovate in the “eye of the storm” of today’s business climate in several areas, including:

  • Creating a long-term, original and competitive vision
  • Building deeper, more meaningful relationships with customers
  • Creating a culture of innovation within a company
  • Developing unique marketing approaches
  • Creating new products
  • Cultivating team cohesion, engagement and collaboration


My focus is on creating catalysts that make corporate teams and individuals in companies easily innovative. And I do it using a couple of motivational strategies not normally found in your typical corporate handbook: rebellion and adventure.

What do you think of when you read those words “rebellion” and “adventure”?

If your heart skips a beat and your mind salivates (mixed metaphors at their worst) then FocusCatalyst Consulting may be right for you and your team.

If they leave you cold, then…step away from this site. It’s not for you. Close this web page now and nobody will get hurt.

But for the rebellious and adventurous ones of you who want yourself and your team to be more innovative, FocusCatalyst Consulting can be your catalyst.

Yes, you heard me right. What I’m saying is you can use your natural love of adventure and that rebellious streak of yours (which lurks in many of us) to your advantage in your work.

You don’t have to squash those “evil” desires of yours. You can instead use them to make yourself more innovative.

Sounds like a way tall order, doesn’t it?  Well, if you’re interested, email me at