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What People Are Saying

“Working with Betsy is fun, adventurous, rebellious, and practical.”

–Alan M. Webber, co-founder, Fast Company magazine


“Betsy Burroughs is reinventing innovation thinking in ways that bring about tangible results.

–Michela O’Connor Abrams, President, Dwell Media LLC


Today we need Betsy’s bold thinking, new solutions, and fresh approaches to harness the power of innovation to meet our industry’s rising social and environmental obligations.”

–Kirsten Ritchie, PE, LEED AP, Director of Sustainable Design, Gensler, National Board Member, US Green Building Council


“Betsy’s unique approach, using applied neuroscience, turns brainstorming into actionable results.”

–John Pierre, CEO and co-founder, Linguastat


 “My FocusCatalyst CustomCatalyst was like a shot of growth hormone for my brain that rewired it for greater innovation and action. By tapping into deep, positive, and sensory associations, it primed my brain to make new connections and helped me achieve some important “big picture” insights.

“In writing my CustomCatalyst, Betsy took some of my most positive associations and explored them, refracted them, and presented me with seemingly-unrelated associations to my current business issues.

The resulting 100+ slide deck was a neural treasure map and I was surprised at how many of the ostensibly random connections held deep resonance for me, which really spurred me to new and different actions.

“The cool thing is that I can go back to that deck anytime and just by flipping through it, I can catch new sparks and get inspiration for solutions to new problems, so it’s a resource that I’ll be keeping in my back pocket for years to come.”

–Jennie Wong, Founder & CEO,


“Catalyst’ is absolutely the right way to describe what Betsy does. She is ultimately a scientist always testing and learning. She develops powerful approaches and makes things happen for everyone who crosses her path.”

Geni Whitehouse, CPA, CITP, CSPM, a LinkedIn 150 “Who to Follow” Thought Leader